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E, notes on arms and accouterments issued to the company and matters of personal finance. An indexed typescript is available. Describes searches for food, swampy marches, diseases, guard and picket duty, and scouting. Writes about the daily weather and names friends with whom he corresponded.

Daniel, Henry Clay, Papers, , C 0. Davidson from her family. Four Civil War letters containing mostly family news; one letter concerning the death of Stout B. Davidson, Wesley S. Davidson and his family. It includes Davidson's civil war documents, some correspondence, records pertaining to family members and research correspondence. Davis, A. Describes the Battle of Shiloh. Davis, Beverly A.

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Davis commented on the capture of Richmond, Virginia, and the prospects for peace. Davis, James J. Adjutant General's Office. Answers Samuel's inquiries about why he opposed a Confederate pursuit at the Battle of Bull Run and why he was not tried for treason. Also typed copy in collection , Vol.

XXVI, Davis-Vandiver Family, Letters, C 1 folder Typed copies of letters from Clay and Ray Counties, Missouri, discussing family affairs, trouble with bushwhackers, and politics in Day, David Lewis Papers, , K 0. Much of the material deals with the Civil War or with veterans' organizations such as the Grand Army of the Republic. Day, Joseph M. Signed by Lieutenant W. Chester, Enrolling officer. Deatherage, John G. Dennis, William H. Dennis, stationed at Camp Butler in Springfield, Illinois, to his brother describing life and conditions at the camp.

Denny of Company C, 1st Missouri Cavalry. The correspondence includes letters from relatives in California, Nevada, and Wisconsin, Dixon, Ben F. Dixon contain press releases detailing the events which led to the Battle of Athens, MO, on 5 August ; the battle itself; and the aftermath. The papers also include biographical sketches of the leaders of the opposing forces.

The articles were written in the s on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the battle. Copies of his will. Doniphan, Alexander W. The letter discusses Lincoln, the state of the union, and the position of border states. Also included is a negative photostat of the letter. The brief entries in his journal concern his business activities, news of family and friends, and events at Springfield from 13 August to 24 September Dorman, Blanche O.

Dornbusch, C. The correspondence and legal papers concern Jerre S. Dorsey during the Civil War. The volume is an illustrated atlas of Boone County, Missouri, from , with handwritten notations. Dotson, W. Explains where his belongings can be found. Drake, Charles D. Winchell, Hannibal, MO, from St. Louis, MO, Dec.

Drake, aspirant to the U. Senate, inquired about George L. Hewitt's support of Thomas Clement Fletcher for senator. Drake, Stephen S. There is also a biographical sketch provided by the donor. The papers document the families' involvement in politics, farming and orchards, lead mining and smelting, the Civil War, and frontier life in Missouri, the Dakota Territory, and several western states.

The Weatherly memoir is the longer and describes growing up in Hannibal, MO, around the turn of the twentieth century. Duncan, J. Duncan, Co. C, th Illinois Infantry. Written to a cousin, the letter discusses the death of Duncan's father and contains miscellaneous camp news. Duncan-Lowman Family, Papers, , C 0. Duncan, blacksmith and farmer, and William O. Lowman, tanner and farmer, of Shelby County, MO, and families; correspondence from family and friends in Maryland, Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, and Illinois; ledgers; miscellaneous business receipts; and scrapbook of Shelby County happenings, Kept by Ida Lowman.

Dunn, W. John A. Pegg, Union soldier W. Dunn relates his plan to form a company of cavalry to fight Confederate guerrillas in Missouri. Dwight, James E. James E. Dwight, 4th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry; expense voucher for Dwight and a servant. Also included is a brief sketch of the Dyer family by Monroe F.

Dyer, W. Louis, MO, Sept.

Battle of Honey Springs - July 17, 1863 (American Civil War)

Describes St. Louis in working conditions, climate, farming, and arrival of President Johnson, Seward, Wells, Grant, and Farragut. Eldred, Wellington, Letters, , R 1 folder, photocopies, typescripts These are letters describing the campaign against New Madrid and Island No. Eldred described the damage to the town of New Madrid and operations against Island No. Eldridge, Shalor W.

Letters, K 0. Elson, Margaret F. Mentions his brother Riley, supplies, prices, morale, Indian regiments and rebel forces, burning of steamboats and gun boat, and duel of General Marmaduke and Colonel Walker. Originals on microfilm; typed copies in folder. Eversole, Mary E. Bugg, Papers, , R 67 folders This collection consists of correspondence, legal papers, journals, ledger books, and ephemera of Mary E.

The bulk of the collection consists of Mary E. Bugg's personal correspondence, , financial records , and miscellaneous ephemera, Hoover's company of Carroll County Provisional Militia, Fike, Henry C. Fletcher, Alma Olivia , Papers, , C 0. Included are two Civil War muster rolls; Missouri will and land deed; scrapbook of Alma's European tour, ; and detailed daily bird watching charts, Fletcher, Thomas Clement Letter, , K 0.

Foster, W. In the troops were in Arkansas pursuing Price's army, in they were in Tennessee. There are comments about officers and women. Original in the possession of Ralph Foster. France, Charles B. France, a St. Joseph, Missouri, banker, and his family. Contains letter book of Overland Stage Lines. Freshour Family, Papers, C 5 folders A group of bills and checks []; maps of Missouri and Mexico []; letters of John Freshour to his father from school; letter from Thomas E.

Freshour to his wife, and list of things taken by federal soldiers in ; autograph book of Mary Letts, ; copy book of John Freshour; account book; and justice of the peace marriage record from Centertown, Cole County, MO, s. To his wife concerning personal matters and expressing the hope that the war will be over soon. Fuller, Jonathan B. Fyan, Robert Washington, Papers, , R 1 folder, photocopies This collection includes a personal letter and military papers of Robert W. The letter, written from Taney County, Missouri, describes activities of the regiment following the Battle of Pea Ridge, while the papers concern clothing issues, camp and garrison equipage, and the personal effects of a deceased officer.

Gaines, James A. Louis, freed Negroes, and cholera epidemic; U. Microfilm has over receipts of Dr. Gaines, s and s. Promissory notes, tax receipts, general receipts, miscellaneous papers and letters, mortgages, bills of sale and labor, abstract of title for construction of Johnston's house, and Mexican land grant. Accounts and bills, advertisements, circulars, and publications. A diary describes his conversion, baptism, and life as a preacher. Garriott, John W. George, B. James , Collection, , , C 1 folder Two letters containing historical information about the Battle of Spoonville, AR, and one contemporary letter describing it.

James , Collection, , C 2. Gregg, and civil rights, compiled and authored by a native of Jackson County, MO, whose father served in the Civil War under Quantrill. James, , Collection, CA 1 folder Addition of land grants and newspaper articles concerning former Confederate soldiers. George Sr. James Photograph Collection, P 0. Gibbany, Mrs. Giesler Family, Giesler and Spurgeon Families, Papers, , R 1 folder, photocopies This collection consists of correspondence and miscellaneous papers from the Giesler and Spurgeon families from the High Gate community in Maries County, Missouri.

Much of the correspondence is addressed to John A. Giesler, concerning family, friends and events in Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. Loop, Nathan Peters, and James A. Includes typed notes on the family. Gillaspie, William R. He talks of the weather, crops, the prosperity of the country, a revival meeting and their need of a preacher.

Brief biography of Ben Butler, legislator, governor, Union general, senator, and presidential candidate, who ran as a Republican, Democrat, and Greenback. Gillaspy, James C. Farthing, telling of a trip from Nevada to Missouri. Marriages and deaths, activities of friends and relatives, election returns, prices paid for household goods, farm life, and Civil War experience. Gilmore, Lizzie C. The letters note political differences among family members, events preceding the battle of Memphis in Scotland County, Missouri, guerrilla activity in Kentucky, and depredations by bushwhackers in Laclede County, Missouri.

Glenn Family, Papers, , C 3. Glenn and his sons Addison N. Glenn and Robert C. Glover, J. Goff, William A. Papers, K 12 cubic feet The papers of William A. Gold, Samuel C. Gold, Union officer, commissioner of the Freedman's Bureau, and prominent citizen of Sedalia, Missouri. Certificates of appointment, discharge papers, letter written during the siege of Corinth, Mississippi, in , obituaries, and copy of manual of military science are included.

Includes the original diary and a transcript, as well as news clippings about Samuel C. Primarily letters from James Gooch to his cousin John, with many complaints about never getting answers to his letters. There are also several army documents belonging to John Gooch. Gore, William T. Lincoln Post No. Lincoln Post, Moberly, MO. Morton Post No. Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Mo. Grand Army of the Republic, Farmington, Missouri, Records, , R 3 volumes These are minute books, , and a membership book, , of the Grand Army of the Republic's post in St.

Francois County, Missouri. The chapter was organized in as the Bonne Terre Post. It was moved to Farmington and renamed Picket Post in There is also General Orders No. The volume includes minutes of meetings, 4 August July , treasurer's reports, and communications addressed to the post. The applications bear the name, age, residence, and brief military history of the applicants, among whom were Charles E.

Moss, John E. Phelps, and L. The collection also includes general orders and circulars from the Department of Missouri, and programs and proceedings of the annual state encampments. The minutes begin with the organizational meeting on 7 April and continue through 16 February Green, Austin O. Miscellaneous entries and accounts, The list bears the names of individuals who paid a tax in lieu of militia service during the Civil War, the fees paid, and the units from which exemptions were granted.

Most exemptions were from duty in the 72nd and 74th regiments of Enrolled Missouri Militia. Gregg, William H. Greggs "A Little Dab of History Without Embellishment," written in , is a memoir of his service under Confederate guerrilla William Clarke Quantrill from December to , and includes a description of the sack of Lawrence, Kansas. Photocopied and typed copies. Also copy of letter of J. Ellis criticizing Odon's conduct as provost in St. Joseph, Gunther, Charles, Papers, n. Hager, Archibald Little c.

Diary records daily events such as births, marriages, and deaths, the weather, social occasions, and agricultural tasks. Gaps may exist in diary. Haley Family, Papers, , C 1 folder Letters from Wade Hampton Haley in Oregon, to relatives in Missouri, telling hazards of Oregon travel and travel in Missouri during the Civil War and describing mill and life in small settlement around mill.

Gamble, St. Halleck assures Gamble that the 18th Missouri Infantry has not been consolidated after the Battle of Shiloh. Also typed copy. Hampshire, Albert D. The author's father, William W. Hampshire, and two uncles, Henry C. Selsor, served in the company. Hardeman, Glen O. The correspondence includes letters from such prominent persons as Henry Clay and Thomas Hart Benton.

Harding, E. Representative from Indiana who was publicly read out of the Democratic Party and later relocated to Savannah, Missouri, where he served as a judge and Republican member of the State House of Representatives, Includes Civil War-era correspondence and newspaper clippings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Harris, James , Papers, , C 0. Contains personal correspondence from friends and family and miscellaneous financial and legal documents such as receipts, contracts, court orders, inventories, land deeds, and wills.

Hassett, James B. Includes land records for a farm near Sibley, MO and a certificate concerning value of his buildings and contents burned by 4th Missouri State Cavalry during the Civil War. Also Hassett's will filed in Fulton Co. Harvey, Thomas, Jr. Letters from relatives concerning family matters.

Letter from brother Richard to brother Warren commenting upon attitude of Texans toward the Confederate Army. Hawkins, William Papers R 0. Hawkins document his stay in the Gratiot prison after his capture in Shelby County, Missouri, on September 15, A Confederate, he remained in Gratiot prison until his parole on February 19, Hayden, Jacob J. Hayden wrote an army buddy about his return home after the Civil War.

His property was claimed by his brother, a Union man. Family news, marriage, birth of children, farming, county fair, crops, and Hayden family genealogy. Hellis, S. Hellis of the 1st Nebraska Infantry. Hellis discussed camp life and some of the officers, and expressed his dissatisfaction with the war. Helm, John B. Consists of correspondence relating mainly to business interests; financial and legal documents such as receipts, promissory notes, contracts and legal briefs; and account books. Hendrix, Charles G.

Union and Confederate veterans participated in the meeting at Clinton, Missouri, 30 September October Hereford, Lizzie M. Powell , Papers , C 1. Powell Hereford, a Confederate sympathizer from Northeast Missouri, who was imprisoned during the Civil War, include her prison diary and correspondence along with transcriptions. Also included are family photographs, miniature portraiture, jewelry, miscellaneous artifacts, family genealogy, and the papers of her daughter, Stella.

Hill, William E. Hill, a Southern sympathizer, returned to Keytesville to locate and rescue his property, but decided to reopen his mercantile establishment and bring his family home. Relates hazards, sectional animosity, loss of property, Reconstruction politics, friends and neighbors. Hiller Family Papers, , C 7. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, genealogical records, estate records, diaries, personal account books, deeds, military records, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, manuscripts, and miscellaneous material. Hinrichs, Charles F. F, 2nd U. Veteran Volunteers. Holland served at Winchester, Virginia, and Washington, D.

Holman, John H. John H. Holman was a colonel during the Civil War, and was one of the first men to command colored troops in the war. In he was promoted to the rank of Brig. Gen of Volunteers. Fremont letter; official documents: discharges, promotions, and ordinance reports; and personal letters.

Holsapple, , and letter written to Victoria Holsapple from S. Hull, Camp Reno, WI, Horney, Leonidas, and Meredith, Henry H. Hoskin, William N. Hoskin's diary describes these battles and the mundane routine of military life. Includes original and typescript of diary. Howlett, R. Hudson, John G. Colored Infantry, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 7th A. Also address delivered on the occasion by Henry A. Hughes was killed in at the first battle of Independence. Hughes, a native of Washington County, Missouri, and member of Co. I, 33rd Missouri Infantry.

He wrote to his wife from camps at St. Folder 2 contains genealogical data and copies of military service and pension papers from the National Archives. Hughes, Sarah F. Hickman, Reminiscences, , C 1 folder The papers contain reminiscences of Sarah Hughes of Stahl, Missouri, regarding family history, the Civil War, and a journey west by wagon train in The letters were written by Elizabeth Hunter and her daughters, Priscilla A.

Topics include news of family and friends, turmoil during the Civil War, farm life, and religious matters. This collection is part of the German Heritage Archives. Marian Darnall. Inness inquires about dead and wounded friends in the 68th Regiment, and mentions the death of President Lincoln. Craig, Washington, D. Encloses a requisition for Missouri's quota of guns for that year and a carriage without a gun as a model for mounting others. James, Missouri, and the papers of the James family, who owned the iron works, includes financial records, correspondence, and account books. The correspondence discusses the hiring of slaves, prices, banking and financial conditions, transportation costs and railroads, political conditions, immigration, and the Civil War.

John Litt Johnson Speech, K 0. Louis, Missouri, by a native of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. They include descriptions of rail travel from Binghamton, New York, to Missouri, the controversy over secession at Rolla, and the Camp Jackson affair and civil unrest in St. Johnson, M. Adams and Carrie Adams Jones. Also included are family land deeds and business transactions. Jones, David H. Included are an extract from the minutes of the county court containing specifications and details for the new courthouse and a wartime letter from Marshfield to Mrs.

Cottrell Jones, William F. Jones describes the national political scene, elec-tion results, his family, local weather and crops, his Civil War experiences, and the Spanish-American War. The collection also includes the account book of Wilson P. See also collection , A brief genealogy of the Jones family follows this inventory.

Kavanaugh, William H. Also includes genealogical material on the Kavanaugh family. Also letters telling of his death in Ironton, Missouri, of improper vaccination. Keeble, Richard B. Keeble contain a statement by citizens of St. Charles County, January 24, , attesting to Keeble's loyalty and recounting attack on his house fragment. Also included are charges of disloyalty against Keeble, n.

Kensinger Family Papers, , , C 0. The collection also contains property tax receipts and miscellaneous family papers. The collection consists primarily of the Civil War letters of William H. Kesler, written during his service in the 3rd Missouri Cavalry, 13 January — 12 June There are also four letters from the papers of Alexander M. Lytle, 10 September — 10 April Genealogical information on the Kesler and Lytle families is included. Keyte, Joseph T. Keyte of Brunswick, Missouri. Sketches are included in the diary. Kiefner, Charles E. Representative from Perryville, Missouri.

Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Washington, and Wayne counties in the 69th and 71st Congresses. Included are general subject files, post office files, and veterans' pension files. Kiefner, John, Collection, , C 5 folders The collection contains photostats of a miscellany of Perry County documents; legal papers concerning real estate; training and apprehension of slaves, taxes, Civil War, loyalty of public officials; politics, , ; Missouri military orders during the Civil War. Kimmel, Cyrus T. Scattered entries for Kimmel served as an assistant surgeon in the 2nd Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

Louis, MO. The collection also contains photographs of Eleanor Ann, her first and second husbands--J. King and William Pennington Ferrell--and her children. Kingsbury, Lilburn A. Kingsbury of Howard County, Missouri. Kingsbury was an insurance agent, farmer, orchardist, bank clerk, local historian, writer, genealogist, musician, and antique collector. Kirby, James M.

Department of Missouri for membership, ; certificate of service in the Union army issued by Adjutant General's office, ; and ordnance inventory, Klinge, Henry , Papers, , C 0. Also history of the 49th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Kloeckner, Louis O. Kloeckner papers consist of photographs and awards pertaining to his career as a pharmacist.

The Papers also included Civil War military service and pension records of his father, who had the same name. These papers are part of the German Heritage Archives. Knight, Curtis F. Printed form includes signatures of Abraham Lincoln and Edwin M.

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Knipmeyer, Gilbert , Papers, , C 3 cubic feet folders The papers of a former state archivist for the Secretary of State in Jefferson City, Missouri, and amateur Civil War historian. The papers contain correspondence, research material, newspaper clippings and some photographs. The majority of the collection consists of Civil War research material. Konenszewski Family, Papers, , R 2 folders, photocopies These are baptismal and educational certificates, medical records, and immigration papers of Johann Konenszewski and his sons, Ladislaus and Edmund.

There is also a Civil War letter by Lieut. Edmund Konenszewski, November , and a diary by Maj. Ladislaus Konenszewski, February—July Both men served in the 26th Missouri Infantry in Gen. John Pope's Army of the Mississippi. Kullman, Frederick A. His papers include confirmation and emigration certificates from Bavaria, military service records, correspondence, photographs, and genealogical information on the Kullman family. The wartime diary covers service at Rolla and Licking, Missouri, in Kutzner, Edwin A.

To Captain John D. Kutzner, Commander. Ladd, Asa V. Copy of letter from Ladd to father with postscript from chaplain. See ST. The materials include the ritual, secretary's records, reports on the state conventions in and , and miscellaneous papers.

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Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Missouri, Record Books, , C 2 volumes Records of the group from the time of its organization in Louis, MO, with notations of items distributed. Lail, J. His diaries cover antebellum employment in Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri, military service in Virginia, South Carolina, and Kentucky, and postwar activities in Ohio and Missouri. Colored Troops. This regiment was organized in December as the 1st Missouri Colored Infantry.

Lazear, Bazel F. Also letter to wife from California gold fields, ; letters about his dismissal from job with Railway Mail Service; and letters about his Civil War pension claim. Leach, John miller , diary, , R 1 folder, photocopies This is a typescript of a diary by John M. The diary begins on 2 September and continues through 29 July In answer to question, "What point in the South would a few thousand dollars do the most good? Benjamin Howard, president of Southern Aid Society. Lee, aide-de-camp of Stonewall Jackson, to his aunt, November Description of the Battle of Manassas, Wm.

Lee being wounded, and his subsequent death. From J. Stuart, to Wm. Lee's widow, Expresses friendship, concern for her welfare, and confidence in a confederate victory. Lehmer, Donald, J. Grant and his staff were largely responsible for the ultimate victory of the North in the Civil War. Consist of land papers, account and other record books, correspondence, Civil War papers, and fur memorandum, and an diary of Lon V. Lesieur Family, Papers, , C 1 folder The papers of the Lesieur family contain copies of promissory notes, receipts, accounts, letters, indentures, and miscellaneous papers concerned primarily with Godfrey Lesieur, but also with other members of the family.

They migrated to the New Madrid District from Canada in Lewis Family, Papers, , C 0. The Lewis family resided in Osceola, Missouri. Edited by William T. Lindsay Family, Papers, ca. Lindsay and Robert L. Lindsey, John W. Account of camp life in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama; a few skirmishes, and his trip back to Illinois after being mustered out. Also pictures, paper currency, and other miscellaneous items.

Louis family largely pertaining to Dr. Moses Lewis Linton and the Civil War. Linton was a member of the Missouri Constitutional Conventions in and Little, Tho[ma]s, Invoice, , C 1 folder Invoice of transportation listing horses, mules, harness and wagon, given to Captain John D. Gus Loesch. Logan, John A. Lonsdale, Meron G. Lykins Family Papers, , K 0. The correspondence within this collection is primarily between members of the Lynch family. Lynch, James Lewis, Memoirs, C 0. Genealogy from Austria to Virginia to Missouri, farm life, education, Civil War experiences, and tobacco exporting, Essays for children on citizenship, study, and the Christian life.

Lynch, William H. I Civil War, , Vol. Lynch was a native of Houston in Texas County, Missouri. Discussion of the military strategy in southern Missouri in chasing Jackson. Mabrey Family Papers, SP 0. Machir, John, Papers, , C 0. Louis and Columbia, Missouri, consist of the legal papers of his father, Henry Machir, business correspondence, slave bills of sale, deeds, tax bills, surveys, personal correspondence, and account books.

Mack, an attorney and county official of Greene County, Missouri. Most of the collection consists of letters to his sons, who were serving in the Union army in Missouri and Arkansas. There are also postwar letters to Mack from Jefferson City, containing political news. Mains, John B. Mains of the 6th Missouri Infantry.

Mains wrote from camps in Missouri while he served in John C. Males, Solomon, Papers, , C 1 folder Certificate of promotion to 1st lieutenant in the 6th Regiment, Missouri Volunteers, ; certificate of promotion to captain in same outfit, ; and mustering-out papers, Mann, Clair V. Mann, Co. B Cavalry, 36th Illinois Infantry. The company was later assigned to the 15th Illinois Cavalry as Co. The diaries cover the Pea Ridge campaign in Missouri and Arkansas, the occupation of Corinth, Mississippi, the battle of Chickamauga, the siege of Chattanooga, and the Atlanta campaign.

The entries for concern personal business and finances. Bound volumes used for multiple purposes including. Marbut, Curtis Fletcher , Papers, , C 4. Marbut, a geology professor at the University of Missouri, , and soil scientist for the U. Department of Agriculture, , includes correspondence, estate and financial records, photographs, publications, manuscripts, and maps. The personal correspondence received by Louise Marbut Moomaw and a short series of Civil War letters are also included in the papers.

See also collection , the Curtis Fletcher Marbut Papers, , Topics include National Forest facilities and projects; forest and wood industries; water mills; lakes, rivers, and springs; mines; dams; and the Civilian Conservation Corps and Youth Conservation Corps. Martin, Absolom J. Usually the brothers, who were in the same Confederate regiment, would write their own separate letters on a single piece of paper.

CWT Blank Civil War States Map with State Names and Rivers

Martin, George H. John Alexander Martin Letter, K Cone[r] concerning a meeting of the Grant Monument Committee expressing his support of a monument at the main entrance to the Capital grounds honoring the soldiers, sailors, and commanders of the great armies of the country. Matthews Family, Papers, , n. Matthews, and two letters written during the Civil War by James L. Matthews to his family relating his experiences in the 32nd Regiment, Missouri Volunteers.

The letters contain descriptions of provost duty in St. Louis, and the condition of the regiment after the surrender of Vicksburg. There is also a poem describing the Vicksburg campaign. Maxwell, A. May, Capt. References to marches, scouting parties, guard duty, grand review and inspection, prisoners, Union and Confederate deserters, traitors, pay allowances, food rations, weather, West Virginia's constitutional election, colleagues, and military action elsewhere. McCausland, Nathan H. McCausland contain a receipt for share of estate of Nathan Heald; an oath of loyalty, ; and two letters from Gratiot Street Prison, St.

Louis, The papers include medical notebooks and treatment records, Civil War papers, McComb's autobiography, and family correspondence following his death. McConihe, John M. Townsend, an attorney and anti-slavery politician in New York, describing and condemning the draft riots which took place in New York in July McCord, William D.

William D. McCord joined the Union Army at St. Louis and kept the diary until the Battle of Vicksburg in July Letter to her father telling of her living conditions and what it is like to live in an area where fighting is continually going on. Describes Battle of Athens. Written from Independence and from Washington, D. McDeanum, W.

The war in the East

Charles, June 5, , and promise to deliver goods to Lieutenant James O. McGee Family, Papers, , C 3. Also includes Civil War muster rolls. McGready, William E. McKean, [Thomas J. Clark, April 18, McKown, John D. McKown contain personal correspondence, business papers, Civil War military papers, and documents concerning construction of Saline County, MO, courthouse.

McLane, William H. McMahan, Robert T. McMahan, a seminary student from Canfield, Ohio. He served as a cavalry soldier and gunner in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, and was promoted to corporal on 29 October Additional material includes letters written to and from Robert T.

Key Battles Of The Civil War

McMahon, discussing Civil War and family matters. Also included are various certificates and other military papers, pre and post-Civil War newspapers, and some photographs. McRoberts, A. McRoberts to his wife Mollie during the Civil War, and her replies. His wife had returned to her family in Ohio. They describe conditions in their respective locales.

Other letters discuss family affairs. McTillston, Henry, Special Orders, Mead, Cyrus A. Mead noted sickness in the regiment and remarked on the regimental officers, including Col. James A. Garfield, who later was President of the United States. Louis and Pilot Knob. The letters are addressed to Mead's wife in Perry County, Missouri, and consist of inquiries after family and friends. There are only a few items of camp news. Meador, Lewis E. Meador, an economist, political scientist, and civic leader in Springfield, Missouri.

He talks of the horrors of the battle near Murphreesboro and predicts a greater one in Chattanooga, where he expects to be sent. Also included is a certificate of service showing Mee died at Andersonville Prison in Mendenhall, Willard H. Meng, Warren Douglas, Scrapbooks, n. Meng, newspaperman and editor of Missouri Blue Book, Volumes one and two contain miscellaneous newspaper clippings of Civil War articles, poems, and photographs.

Volume three contains newspaper clippings on the Blue Book. Meredith, John D. Methodist Episcopal Church South, Versailles Circuit, Records, , C 1 folder Register includes names of members and probationers in the Versailles Circuit, Jefferson City District, Missouri, how and when received and disposed of--whether by death, certificate, withdrawal, or expulsion--and some baptism and marriage records.

Miller, Elihu L. Miller, L. Milner, Duncan C. Telegram to Sherman from Henry Halleck, , announcing victory over enemy in battle. Letters pertaining to James R. Milner's assignment in the army. Minter, John A. Miscellaneous Manuscripts, , C 11 folders Poems, receipts, documents, newspapers and correspondence concerning business, law, appointments, teaching, politics, insurance, pensions, land, health, cholera, medicine, weather, news of friends and relatives, degrees, autographs, letter of introduction, and the Civil War: secession, orders and battles.

Missouri, Defense Warrants, , C 1 folder Defense warrants issued by the State of Missouri for five, ten, twenty and fifty dollars. Missouri, Cape Girardeau County. Oaths of Loyalty, , C 1 volume Abstract of oaths filed in conformity with requirements of 7th section of 2nd article of the new constitution. Leaming, lieutenant and enrolling officer of Cass County, Missouri, of all able-bodied male inhabitants between the ages of 18 and Missouri, Cedar County. Assessment Lists, , C 3 volumes Lists consist of property, slaves, cash, and notes held by those assessed. Missouri, Cooper County.

Papers, , C 1. Hedrick, and Phillip W. Shambaugh, in the presence of the Holt County clerk in Missouri, Independence, Notebook, , C 1 volume The collection contains a notebook compiled by the citizenship classes of Mrs. Missouri, Kingsville, Massacre, , C 1 folder, typescript Description of robbing, killing and burning by guerrillas in the Johnson County town of Kingsville, MO, near the close of the Civil War. Author unknown. Missouri, Lafayette County. Board Proceedings, , C 1 volume Proceedings of the county board, which convened on the order of the Military Department to investigate the murder of loyal citizens, 14 August October Missouri, Ralls County.

Supervisor of Registration, Ledger, , C 1 folder Volume kept by Samuel Megown, supervisor of registration, listing names of citizens who either refused to take the oath of loyalty after the Civil War or had been loyal to the Confederacy and were thus disenfranchised. Also includes names of citizens considered loyal who were permitted to vote.

Birth and death dates for some Megown family members are included at the end. Some pages are missing. Missouri, Wayne County, Collection, CA Audio recording of Wayne County, MO residents concerning the settlement, education, business, transportation, religion, Civil War, and other aspects of the history of the county.

An abstract of information in the roll is also included. Therefore, neither side saw Confederate defeat at Gettysburg as the moment that determined Union victory. But there is also no denying that it was a pivotal moment. It marked the fullest and, in some respects first, clear defeat of Lee's army by Union forces. It also did massive damage to the personnel of that army—both enlisted men and officers. That the victory was announced to the nation on July 4 in tandem with news of Vicksburg's capture ensured it would resonate with a special significance regardless of what happened later.

In many respects, the final capture of Vicksburg which had taken Ulysses S. Grant and his men almost six months was more important—it cleaved the Confederacy in two, restored full control of the Mississippi River to the Union, and demoralized Confederates who had long believed the city to be impregnable. But many more people, foreign and domestic, followed battles in the East, and to many Lee's defeat marked a shift in the war's course. Union soldiers were elated by their victory, leaving the Confederates shamed and chagrined. The challenge was for the Union to follow up and this it failed to do.

The Union army followed Lee back into Virginia but there was no major fighting in the region for the remainder of The next major eastern battle following Gettysburg did not occur until May Gary W. Gallagher, ed. The Third Day at Gettysburg and Beyond. Brian Holden Reid. Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books, About the Author.